Friday, August 13, 2010

Washington DC - Arrival

So, Washington DC... that's where we were a few days ago. What did we do there? Mostly museums, walking, museums, walking, museums, walking, walking, walking... we are so tired right now that we actually think about taking a whole day off :-P

Let's start at the beginning...

Last Saturday we had our second flight: Orlando - Washington DC. Everything went really smoothly until shortly before our landing: The girl sitting in front of us got sick and it was quite a mess... I hate that - the smell and everything. About 20 minutes later, when we landed, her sister got sick too... so, this was a promising start in Washington DC ;-)

After finding our way out of the airport we took the bus to downtown DC and afterwards the subway to Chinatown. After a 10-minute-walk we found our hostel. Since the hostel was quite expensive, we expected a good, clean, advanced hostel. But we should have known: Whenever you expect anything to be good it won't... It started with the fact, that we couldn't enter the hostel. We rang the bell, but nobody opened the door. After a few minutes the doors opened finally and the "front-desk-lady" asked us in. But before saying "hello" or anything like that, she ordered us to take off our shoes ?! wtf? "It feels more like home if you walk without shoes in here" - oh boy. So we took off our shoes and after a some administrative stuff we got our hostel tour: You can't take any food or drinks in your room, you must take off your shoes in the house. When we finally saw our room, it was not really clean. There were long black hairs in the bed :-/, at the floor and everywhere... the air conditioning was of no use at all, we couldn't regulate it and it blew directly in Woody's face during the night :-P And the bathroom floor looked more like a big sea than a floor - it was all wet. So, what a good start then :-)

We wanted to get something good for the end of the day, so we decided to go eat some curry :-D curry is always good - and it was good! When we got back again everything was not so bad anymore (possibly because we were so tired, that we didn't care anymore :-P)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A long long time ago...

We've spent the last four days in Orlando. Orlando has not much to see except the parks - that's what we did.

We arrived on Monday and searched for a hotel/motel/hostel for a while. The cheapest to find was the Days Inn (a hotel room that is actually cheaper that the 8 room mixed hostel in NY :-P) and opposite to all our expectations it was even clean ;-)

So what to do for the next day? We had to return our car at the airport at noon so we still had half a day to spent doing anything. The airport of Orlando is full of park shops: 2x Universal, 2x Disney, 2x Seaworld, 2x Kennedy Space Center (I forgot to write that we have been there as well...)
So we went to the Universal Shop first and bought a 2-day ticket there. The park is open until 9 p.m. so there was more than enough time to see one part the same day.

Universal Studios
We returned our car a bit early so we arrived at the Universal Studios at noon. The Universal Resort contains two parks: The Adventure Park and the Studios.

I actually thought that we would see some movie stuff in the Studios park but there were more or less "just" other attractions. They were fun too, but they didn't have that much to do with movies (most of them had just the name of a movie :-P).
OK, to be fair: The Simpson's Ride is very much fun :-D

We spent the whole afternoon in the park and went home at 9 p.m. when the park closed.

Universal Adventure Park
The next day we walked to the park again (after we found out that our hotel was more or less directly next to the park ;-) )

The Adventure Parks consists mostly of rollercoasters and of course: The Harry Potter park. This park was really crowded. Fortunately, we arrived early in the morning and waited "only" 75 minutes to go into Hogwarts. Hogwarts is great! Everything looks the same as in the movies. They even had the talking frames at the walls.

We spent the rest of the day riding rollercoasters and waiting in lines. There were only a few lines that were shorter than 60 minutes :-\

Disney Hollywood Studios
Next day, next park... We went to the Disney Resort. Disney has 6 parks to visit. Every park takes about 1 day to see everything. We decided to go to the Hollywood Studios (what a surprise ;-) ). There where actually movie things to see :-D Simulators, rollercoasters, behind the scenes, the Disney costume factory, ... there was a lot of movie stuff to see and it was great!

So, one day left in Orlando, where to go now? One more day in Disney? SeaWorld? Aquatica?

We decided to go to SeaWorld. There are mostly shows to see there, but since we already had 3 days of rollercoasters behind us, so it's time to do something else ;-)
The shows were cool. Killer whales, dolphins, MANATEEEEEES, turtles, birds, cats, dogs, rats and even a pig :-D

Once again, we spent the whole day in the park and were both quite tired when we returned to the hotel.

Today we travel up to Washington DC. We are waiting at the airport right now and wait for our flight. We will have our own personal guide in Washington due to Woody's connections :-D I'm really looking forward to this city.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Key West - Key Largo - Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Once again, I am a few days late with the blog. Let's get started where I left off: Key West.

First, we wanted to go to Dry Tortugas. But when we arrived at Key West the Lady in the Motel gave us some other options which were at least as interesting and cost half the price. So we decided to go on a "Danger" trip - which is very very safe :-P.
The "Danger" trip is a sailing trip that includes snorkeling, kayaking and sailing of course. The trip started at 3.30 p.m. and we came back after sunset. Sunset on a sailing boat is very beautiful! Together with beer, wine, fruits and snacks even better ;-).

As already written, the trip started at 3.30 p.m., therefore we had a lot of time left before that. So we went Jet Skiing :-D  I laughed so much I drank about a gallon of salt water :-P.

We stayed the night in Key West and drove back the Keys in the morning. First we wanted to go directly to Miami but shortly before Key Largo we decided to go snorkeling again - this time we wanted to see the reefs.
There are a lot of offerings for snorkeling. We took the most popular one - which turned out to be the one with the most children... oh boy... We went out to the reef (about half an hour trip). The reef was very cool. We bought a under water camera first to take some pictures. I doubt that there will be any usable pictures :-P But it was fun anyway.

Yesterday we went to Miami. Wow - this is a poser city. I will never ever go to this city again :-P Even the Art District isn't worth going there. All the people there look as if they would go to the fitness studio all year long just to pose in Miami Beach once a year. The only reason to go there is to drink and to party. But I don't have to go that far for doing that...

After Miami we drove north until Fort Lauderdale. This is much nicer - and they have the best Baby Spare Ribs ever! This is where we stayed until this morning.

I saw my first cockroach this morning - gross. It was about 5-6cm long. I didn't cry out and I wasn't afraid of it. But I hated it as soon as I didn't see it any more... it could have gone in my bag or something.

Now we are in a motel called Fawlty Towers in Cape Canaveral where we want to go to the NASA Space Center tomorrow. We arrived already at 4 o'clock and wanted to go swim again. But unfortunately, today is the first raining day :-(

Friday, July 30, 2010

Everglades #2

... back again after a Key Lime Pie and about 9h of sleep :-D

So, we actually found a motel near to Miami and it was nice. We ate mini-pancakes in the morning and drove back to the Everglades train. We just caught the train before it was leaving so a little bit luck was included. We saw alligators and birds and a lot of other things that live in the Everglades. The tour guide was fun.

It was about noon when we returned from the trip. Our next target was the Alligator Farm in Homestead (if you believe the lonely planet, this is the best place alligators and to go on an airboat trip).
There were a lot of alligators and crocodiles and snakes on that farm! But it was more a zoo than anything else and I guess if anybody from greenpeace would see that place they would get a heart attack...
The airboat tour on the other hand was really funny. It is so loud that you have to wear ear plugs.

Since it was not that late after this, we drove further south where we reached Key West finally. This is were we are now.
We booked a Motel room which is reeeeeally cute.Unfortunately we are not the only ones that find this Motel cute. It is the only one in Key West that is booked out for the next night. So we could only be there for one night but that was fine.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


We didn't have Wi-Fi for a few days, therefore I couldn't write.

We have been to the Everglades. It's beautiful there - and hot. We started at the West coast of Florida where Everglades City is located. We started with a boat trip through the mangroves. It was really informative and fun. And since we had a speed of about 15mph, there were no moskitos present :-D (  the magic number for moskitos is 3... as long as you move faster than 3 mph they can't follow you :-D).

After that 2h trip we drove east. Near to Miami there is a Trail that leads to an observation tower. Unfortunately this trail was already closed the time we arrived. We decided to look for a motel and try it the next morning. Well this was a challenge :-D
Usually, when you drive into a town its always the same: Gas Stations, Super markets, Motels, City, Motels, Super markets, Gas Stations, out of the city... This is a bit different in Miami (or at least the way we came from). The Gas Stations were OK, but there were no super markets or motels anywhere along this road... We searched for 2 hours! That's crazy.
We drove back and took another road south, where we actually found a motel :-) - which was even really cute.

I'm going to eat a Key Lime Pie now... I'm going to write about today later :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mobile - Tallahassee - St. Petersburg

The visit of the USS Alabama took longer than expected. It was really interesting and we could see almost everything that is worth watching on such a ship. We were in there for about 2 hours! And after that, we went to see the submarine.

At noon, we started our trip to Tallahassee. We took the highway along the coast so we could see the sea. It was beautiful! We drove until 9 p.m. which was a bit longer than we expected. We booked a room in a Motel and went to sleep soon. I was quite tired from driving all day long.

This morning, we started early and took once again the road along the coast. But this time, we didn't see the coast at all :-( But at least we could drive fast :-P We drove to St. Petersburg where the Salvador Dali Museum is located and took a tour in this museum. Some of you got a e-post-card from there ;-)
After the visit, we were drove further south for another hour or so where we went to the sea again and watched the sunset.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

From New Orleans to Mobile

New Orleans was fun - and hot. When I exit any door, my glasses get fogged :-D

The first evening in New Orleans we went to Bourbon Street and its neighborhood. If you ask anybody what you can do in New Orleans, everybody says: Drinking. New Orleans and Los Angeles are the only two cities in the USA where it is allowed to drink on the street. It looks all a bit like the "Ballermann" or "Reperbahn" in Germany.

On Friday we went to a Mississippi Cruser. This was a 2.5h trip where we could see the skyline of New Orleans and some really big ships and really dirty water ;-)

At the evening we went to Bourbon Street again. There is live music in almost every bar :-) this was fun.

All in all, New Orleans isn't really big (the part where you are save). If you want to drink until you die, then New Orleans is great. Otherwise, 2 to 3 days is a great time to watch the city.

We left New Orleans yesterday. We took a taxi to the car rental and rent our car. Other than expected, only one driver is allowed to drive the car - and this is me ;-) If Woody wants to drive too we have to pay 13$ / day extra.

We followed the coast through Mississippi and then arrived in Alabama. Alabama has only a small part at the coast, and the only city there is Mobile. This is where we are right now.

We go to watch the USS Alabama and a sub-marine this morning. Afterwards we drive to Florida.

But first of all, I am going to eat some Waffles!